What to Plant This Weekend in June 2023: Courgettes

Whatever size garden you have, here’s what you can plant this weekend.


June 2023

As Summer is approaching(finally!), take advantage of the remaining days of Spring by planting courgettes this weekend. The weather is warm enough for courgette seeds to grow outside, but your courgettes will thrive on a windowsill too. If you’re new to growing your own produce, starting with courgettes might be a good idea. These vegetables are known for being easy to grow.


Planting courgettes in the UK is a great idea. Not only are they versatile in the kitchen, but they also produce a lot of fruit. However, most courgettes in UK supermarkets are imported from Italy and Spain, resulting in a large carbon footprint. By growing your own courgettes, you can completely eliminate their carbon impact. It only takes 35-50 days for them to grow, so consider planting them this weekend to enjoy an abundance of fresh courgettes all summer.

If your’re not able to grow your own, make sure you purchase UK grown courgettes. Not only will it reduce the carbon emissions, they’ll taste better and it supports local farmers.If you cannot cultivate your own courgettes, remember to purchase ones grown in the UK. This not only lowers carbon emissions, but also results in better taste and supports local farmers.

How to plant

  • Find the sunniest spot in your garden, or, the warmest spot in your house.
  • Prepare a long pot or bed with compost.
  • Sow the seeds 1–2cm deep and 90cm apart.
  • Cover with transparent glass or thick plastic (this will help them grow!) for a few weeks.
  • Water thoroughly and continue to water weekly.
  • If more than one courgette germinates in the same spot, only keep one so it has enough room to grow properly.
  • Constantly water your courgettes; if the soil feels dry, add more moisture. This is the key to their success.