Reimagine: How to design a truly sustainable event.

The sustainability impact report.

In March, we joined forces with emc3 to bring together some of the world’s leading marketing, sustainability and events professionals for an evening of networking and discussion to explore how organisations are changing the way they operate, the difference between intention and action, and how we can use events and experiences as a force for good.

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The impact report

This report includes:

  • Accessibility
  • Carbon Tracking
  • Waste
  • Attendee Travel
  • Carbon Balancing
  • Overall Carbon Footprint

About Reimagine: How to deisgn a truly sustainable event

The event happened on 23rd of March 2023 at the stunning and sustainable BMA House.
Hosted by emc3 x from now

Speakers included:

  • Saskya Liney – Co-founder of from now
  • Philippe Homsy – Co-founder of LØCI
  • Samuel Gordon – Group Sustainability Insights Manager at IAG Group
  • Hannah Robinson – Business Development Event Manager at BMA House

Want to find out how we made our event sustainable?

You can download the full report here.

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