The image is of some trees lit up at night. With the title "White Light" over the top. Underneath White Light has the words "Lighting, Audio, Video." Underneath that is: "a d&b solutions company"

White Light: the first technical B Corp company

The B Corp certification is a powerful movement that recognises companies’ commitment to social and environmental responsibility.  By adhering to strict performance, accountability, and transparency standards, B Corps are transforming the traditional notion of success, creating a vibrant community where they can collaborate, learn, and inspire each other.

Matilda Riley

Bryan Raven

The very first event technology company to gain B Corp status was White Light.  White Light, which has joined the d&b group and is now a d&b solutions company,  is a UK-based technical solutions company that provides lighting, sound, video and rigging services for events, performances and installations.  With over 50 years of experience in the industry, White Light is known for its innovative designs, cutting-edge technology, and dedication to holistic sustainability.

We sat down with Bryan Raven, the Managing Director of White Light, to learn about the organisation and the process they went through to be awarded B Corp status.  His passion and knowledge of sustainability and technical solutions are exemplary. 

White Light is the first ever technical company to become a Certified B Corporation.

Bryan shared that his sustainability journey began in 2008 after White Light received an award for being “sustainable” on a project that involved an “unnecessary amount of lighting” but used biofuel.  This experience motivated Bryan to focus on creating genuinely sustainable projects.

Bryan and the team were already investing in more sustainable practices, but in order to be able to more efficiently comply with the various complex environmental regulations, White Light pursued the first environmental accreditation, ISO 14001.  This was a great first step in accreditation, but Brian realised that they could strive towards an even higher level of accreditation.

In 2020, Bryan and his team embarked on the journey of becoming a B Corp and received the certification in 2022.  Bryan shared how many of the policies he had already implemented earned his company many points in the B Corp assessment.  And the great thing for the team was that these policies were already truly embedded in the structure and practice of White Light for the benefit of people and the planet.

And then, even further benefits of working at White Light came flooding in. 

Our own Strategy Director, Nat Walker, shared her own memory of White Light. They donated their old technical equipment to her childhood theatre group.

Bryan recalled how some colleagues mentioned that they were heading to Scout Camp for two weeks.  Knowing the immense value of this type of commitment without hesitation, he proposed that they take one week off as their vacation time and that White Light would cover the other week as a volunteer opportunity.  The White Light on-site office gym was started after one request from a staff member. Nat Walker, our own Strategy Director here at from now – and she shared her own memory of White Light,  who donated their old technical equipment to her childhood theatre group. 

Obtaining the B Corp accreditation was largely a matter of documenting the processes and culture that have been integral to the company for decades under Bryan’s guidance.  However, his encouragement to all other organisations is that B Corp accreditation is a powerful set of standards to aim for, and it is never too late to start improving your systems, one step at a time.

To find out more about White Light and Bryan Raven, take a look at the website.