from now x The Torridon

from now x The Torridon

As part of the Kitchen Garden series: Leading by example.


  • Luxury 5* Resort
  • 2 acre kitchen-garden
  • Local produce
  • Scottish climate
  • 2 restaurants
  • Sustainable opulence


Dan Rose-Bristow

Our first interview within the Kitchen Garden series has breathtaking views of loch, land and sky.

The Torridon Resort sits on 58 acres of beautiful parkland and offers a truly exquisite Highland experience. But this boutique establishment marches to a tune not often associated with the most luxurious of resorts and that is one of sustainable practice. The practices already in place are remarkable and their aspirations for the future of sustainability at The Torridon are even more so.

from now x The Torridon

We spoke with Dan Rose-Bristow, the managing director and owner of The Torridon, to learn more about the industry-leading practices they have in place. In conversation with us, Dan explained that over the last 25 years, their kitchen garden has been nurtured into its current glorious state of productivity, across 2 acres of land. Today, gardeners and chefs tend to the garden, with plant varieties selected to suit the Highlands’ geography and climate, so that guests can enjoy some of the best of Scottish produce. Over the year, the kitchen garden yields crops of courgette, tomatoes, golden beetroot, all manner of brassicas and a beautiful array of herbs and salad leaves, to name but a few.

“The Kitchen-Garden adds an element of luxury”

from now x The Torridon

“Scottish local produce”

The resort also hosts a farm, where Dan raises Highland cattle, chicken and, his personal favourite, pigs. Dan firmly believes that Scotland has “the best larder in the UK” and all the animals on the farm are chosen and cared for very carefully, in keeping with their commitments to a highly sustainable and low-impact operation, to provide as local a menu as possible.

Throughout our conversation, it was so evident that their vision and values sit at the heart of everything they do at The Torridon and how they narrate their story to guests. From ensuring a fruit salad reflects seasonal fruits, to not having beef on the menu all year round, to composting food waste and using biomass or heating, each and every decision made at The Torridon Resort reflects their commitment to offering a premium, luxury experience in a significantly more sustainable way.

Dan reminded us that when “more of us do a few things”, there is a greater, collective impact. So, whether it is a small vertical planter to grow some herbs or some tomatoes, or choosing a more local, seasonal menu, we can all make small changes that will connect us more deeply with our food and the planet.

from now x The Torridon
To find out more about Dan Rose-Bristow and The Torridon, or even to take a visit to the beautiful hotel, please take a look at their website.