What to Eat This Weekend in May 2023: Spring Onions

Eating seasonally means your being kinder to yourself and the planet

Spring Onions

May 2023

Spring onions are in season! Enjoy, otherwise known as Scallions, from Spring right through until Autumn. Great on duck pancakes or to freshen up a salad – we recommend adding spring onions to shop this week. Eat well, knowing that if you choose a meal that contains spring onions, more than likely, they were grown nearby.


Traditionally, spring onions are grown in China. However, spring onions grow reasonably well in UK climates, meaning there is no need for your spring onions to have hefty air miles! In fact, spring onions are known for being a trouble-free crop to grow! They take about eight months to grow.

Eating seasonally:

  • Lowers your carbon footprint
  • Reduces your chances of eating chemicals – including preservatives
  • Supports your local farmers & community
  • Tastes better!

Serving Suggestion

  • Give your spring onions a good wash.
  • Trim the root, and the green ends off.
  • Chop thinly.
  • Scatter over a stir-fry or salad.
  • And enjoy!

We have more information on what to eat this season coming up! To find out more about eating seasonally, make sure you check out our hotel interviews!