Kitchen Garden series: What to plant in April: tomatoes

What to Plant This Weekend in April 2023: Tomatoes

Whatever size garden you have, here’s what you can plant this weekend.

Kitchen Garden series: What to plant in April: tomatoes


APRIL 2023

This is your last chance to plant tomatoes this year.

We’ve chosen to focus on tomatoes this Thursday because they thrive in beds and pots, so whatever size your garden, get your trowels out and get digging. Tomatoes should be easy to plant and grow, so wherever you are on your gardening journey, you should yield a fantastic crop, and just in time for summer too! Also, tomatoes have a sweet summery aroma that smells amazing! So fill your balcony, garden, or windowsill with the sweet summer smell of your home-grown tomatoes!


Tomatoes are usually grown in sunnier climes of Europe and shipped to the UK. The transportation of tomatoes significantly increases their carbon footprint, and yours too. By growing them yourself, you reduce these travel emissions and can avoid any harsh chemicals.

Also, it’s important to note that this is the time for growing tomatoes; next week we’ll highlight what produce is in season to buy.

How to plant?

  • Find the sunniest spot in your garden
  • Fill a small pot with 3/4 seeds and water well
  • After a few weeks, move your seedlings into a bed or bigger pot
  • Keep watering and protect the plants from wind
  • In the later summer months, enjoy your own fresh tomatoes
  • Keep harvesting regularly to encourage more fruit!