What to Plant This Weekend in May 2023: Cucumbers

Whatever size garden you have, here’s what you can plant this weekend.


May 2023

Seeds of cucumbers can be sown directly into a pot during May & June. Bush cucumbers are great for growing in gardens and on balconies. In comparison, Vining cucumbers need a lot more space. So, we recommend grabbing a garden trowel, some compost and get planting Bush cucumbers this May.


Cucumbers grow well in British climates, making them the perfect crop to plant this May. However, cucumbers are still often imported to the UK. Most are transported from Spain or the Netherlands, but a large percentage (£2.26 Millions worth) comes from Morrocco: that’s a lot of unnecessary miles for a cucumber to travel. So, it’s time to get digging and plant your own cucumbers and save some travel miles (plus, homegrown goodies always taste better!)

How to plant

  • Find the sunniest spot in your garden, or, the warmest spot in your house.
  • Prepare a long pot or bed with compost.
  • Sow the seeds 1–2cm deep and 30cm apart.
  • You may sow a few in the same spot to increase your chances of growing cucumbers!
  • Water thoroughly and continue to water weekly.
  • Your cucumber plant will begin to flower, when this happens, we recommend feeding your plant with tomato fertiliser.
  • After about 40-70 days, your cucumbers will be ready. They will be long and a dark green colour.